A pretty good day (early morning) for the Ringwood Club on Sunday, with best times everywhere.  Tom Linnett and Erin Marriner won silver medals in their U14 and U16 events.  Callum Settle continued his good form with a bronze medal in the U16's and Dash Clarke had a top ten result.

Ben Reid was a PB for the Half Marathon and Lavinia who has been just walking in recent times got out and not only broke the Victorian Age Group Record but the Australian and WORLD records as well.

If my maths is correct Tom will finish as the U14 AV Winter Champion on the individual results, Erin will probably fall a couple of points short in the U16's and finish second.

Distance Time Athlete Competition Location Result Comments Event Date Age
Half Mar. 81:17 Ben Reid Vic Champs Open Burnley 190/424 PB for the Half 4 September 2022 22
Half Mar. 1:58:05 Lavinia Petrie Vic Champs Open Burnley 126 Vic, Aus and World Record 4 September 2022 78
5km 16:38 Callum Settle Vic Champs U16 Burnley 3 PB and 3rd team 4 September 2022 14
5km 18:35 Dash Clarke Vic Champs U16 Burnley 10 PB and 3rd team 4 September 2022 14
5km 18:30 Erin Marriner Vic Champs U16 Burnley 2 PB and 6th team 4 September 2022 14
5km 16:43 Tom Linnett Vic Champs U14 Burnley 2 PB and 3rd team 4 September 2022 13